About Us

Our vision is to become a nationally recognized brand that gives Americans a way to respectfully honor all the men and women who put on a uniform on a daily basis to defend our freedoms while supporting charity. 

Our mission is to put customers in the most appealing patriotic apparel and give back to our nation's defenders who have given so much to us. Our product aims to encourage patriotism, unity, and respect to those who defend our country on a daily basis. 

About us:

Spangled Eagle Apparel Co. is a Limited Liability Company headquartered out of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  With our product, we want you to feel a sense of national pride, knowing a portion of your purchase is going to support our nation's defenders. Spangled Eagle Apparel Co. was started to honor the principles of America's freedom and those who defend it on a daily basis. 

Freedom isn't free, we understand. We have committed to donating a portion of our profits to The Gary Sinise Foundation which supports service members, veterans, and first responders. While our heroes may be getting the help they need to heal their physical wounds, their mental wounds run much deeper. According to the Mental Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, veterans compromise nearly 20% of the nation's suicides with an average of 22 veterans taking their lives per day. 

The problems don't end there. According to the Roever Foundation, nearly 80% of veterans who return home from war end up in divorces and disconnected from their families. Although these problems are very real, they are certainly preventable and manageable by getting the help that they need.  

We also have a strong support of our nation's first responders. This includes first responders serving as a police officer, firefighter, or anyone else putting their lives on the line to be first in and last out in many dangerous circumstances. Many are unaware, but first responders have a 10% greater suicide rate than the national average, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. PTSD effects our local heroes as well, and it's just as important to raise awareness about that.  

At the very least, the goal of the Spangled Eagle Apparel Co. is to thank all the men and women who have served in the military or serve as a first responder. We enjoy our freedoms everyday thanks to your service and you can not be thanked enough. When customers put on Spangled Eagle Apparel, they know they are supporting our service men and women. We love our freedom, and we are so grateful for your service. For that, we salute you! 

Our Story:

Spangled Eagle Apparel Co. was started by Sun Prairie, Wisconsin native Nate Hoffmann in July of 2017. Nate's passion for this great country stems from his father's service in the United States Navy as well as friends and other family members who have served in the military or as first responders. Nate was a Division 1 baseball player and played one season of professional baseball in the Frontier League of Independent Baseball with the River City Rascals. Nate is now pursuing a career as a Police Officer.  However, during Nate's time at Middle Tennessee State, him and his teammates participated in a Navy Seal Training Day run by former Navy Seal and MTSU Blue Raider, Jason Kuhn and his team at Stonewall Solutions. These training days gave Nate an even greater appreciation for those who put their lives on the line everyday to protect our freedoms. 

Nate graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in May of 2017 and wanted to utilize his business degree by starting his own apparel company. After months of planning and coming up with ideas, Nate committed to starting his business. However, Nate wanted to make a difference with his product and that's why he combined his entrepreneurial spirit with finding a way to directly impact and support our nation's defenders.

Spangled Eagle Apparel Co. changed ownership in 2018.  It is now owned and operated by Mark and Christine Lund, with the assistance of the entire Lund Family.  The Lund Family choose to invest in Spangled Eagle Apparel Co. after closely following the business and knowing the passion and commitment that was put into this company.  Standing strong behind the patriotic honor and respect of America, and those that proudly protect our freedoms, we wished to continue to grow the business.  Our family is proud of the service and commitment out son Isaac has made by being a part of the Air National Guard here in Wisconsin.  Both Isaac and our oldest son, Jonah have been active on their home town fire departments. 

The Spangled Eagle Apparel Co. aims to offer a "stylishly patriotic" product line that promotes a sense of national pride and unity to the American people and allowing customers to have a peace of mind that when they rep their "stylishly patriotic" apparel item, they are doing so with honor to those who have served. Many people in today's society forget how special their freedom's are and the Spangled Eagle Apparel Co. allows true American Patriots to represent the red, white, and blue while supporting the true heroes of this country.